The Banks Of The River Rea

Bruce Pitt


The banks of the River Rea

Currently on Weds mornings, 10 til 12, we are operating Frankley Street Champions/Community Care groups along the banks of the River Rea, centred on Devon Road; anyone who wishes to join us will be most welcome. We will be joined next Weds, 20th March, by Adam Noon, one of the Longbridge Hub Rangers, and Andrea Holmes of Connecting Neighbourhoods. Adam will be discussing the environmental aspects of what we are doing; this could to lead to more detailed environmental assessments of the river and the nearby Gannow Manor Moat, leading perhaps to the involvement of local schools. Andrea will be videoing what we do for web sites.

We are helping flood control as we are removing large items of rubbish, e.g. 3 weeks ago we pulled out a supermarket trolley that formed the core of a dam, it is now part of our kit and is used to transport rubbish to collection points. Gary Withington and his team are going to give us 3 day’s work clearing a one metre strip of grass and scrub beside footpaths; this will start on April 8th and is a Housing Department initiative.

If you want to make a difference to the local environment by joining us or doing you own thing and need a bit of help then call us, Bruce on 07779 497 263, or ask at the parish office, 12 Arden Road.