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Local councils in England with an annual turnover of £6.5 million or less must complete an Annual Return summarising their annual activities at the end of each financial year. In the Annual Return the term 'local council' includes a Parish Meeting, a Parish Council and a Town Council.

The Annual Return on pages two to five is made up of four sections:

Sections 1 and 2 are completed by the officer nominated by the local council and are signed as a true record by that officer and the Chairperson of the local council on behalf of the local council;

Section 3 is completed by the external auditor;

Section 4 is completed by the local council’s independent internal auditor.

Copies of the Annual Return for the New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council and be viewed by clicking on the document required.

2015/2016           Annual Return        Annual Accounts   (Unaudited)

2014/2015           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2013/2014           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2012/2013           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2011/2012           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2010/2011           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2009/2010           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2008/2009           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2007/2008           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2006/2007           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2005/2006                                      Annual Accounts

2004/2005           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2003/2004           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2002/2003           Annual Return        Annual Accounts

2001/2002           Annual Return