Shelter provides housing advice

A home is a human right, but for so many a safe home is out of reach.  Shelter is working to strengthen renters rights and change the broken housing system to help end the housing emergency.

What we can help with at Shelter Birmingham:

Advice on challenging homelessness descisions and unsuitable offers of accommodation.

Support to resolve disrepair in rented properties

Representation in court regarding possession of homes / evictions / ASBI





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The Mental Health Recovery Hub Groups

The Mental Health Recovery Hub Group consists of 24 peer led support groups located at various venues across Birmingham

The hub groups consist of up to 300 memebers who attend the various groups each week

Group Members discuss and decide what discussions and activities take place and what community outings they wish to attend over the year.

There is no cost to attend groups as BCC cover the rental cost and provide each group with a yearly grant, but some groups take a small donation for refreshments provided and pay for outings and mealsn out that are planned but attending is optional.


Bas Khan –      /     07867 358637                                                        mental health