City Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service

Order fortnightly garden waste collection
There will be 20 collections in 2024 that will happen between Monday 4 March to Friday 6 December, click here:

Our garden waste collection service | Garden waste collection | Birmingham City Council


You have to sign up for and pay to receive this service. The cost for the 2024 service is £60.

2024 collections

You can now sign up for the 2024 service.

Libraries Consultation 2024

Have your say in the public consultation 
Those who live, work or study in Birmingham, and who want to access the service, are invited to help shape the future of the library service in the city.

Libraries Consultation 2024 – Birmingham City Council – Citizen Space (

Petition & Compensation for loss of Boleyn Road open space

New Frankley Parish Council will continue to fight for the money for the community.

This will be discussed at the next meeting of the parish council, scheduled for Monday 18th March, open to the public to attend.

We welcome your views.

petition CIL funds Boleyn Road

Suspension of Truck Service

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IMG 20240223 125355163~3

Parish Councillor Vacancy

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IMG 20240220 120554993~2

Connecting you to activities in Frankley

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Crime prevention

Burglary tips and guide to keeping your home safe from potential burglary.  Helpful comprehensive strategies to help you secure your home:

  • Install a burglar alarm system to deter potential thieves.
  • Use a WIDE security combination: Window locks, Indoor lights on a timer, Door double or deadlocks, and External lights on a timer or sensor.
  • Mark valuables with a UV or indelible pen to deter theft and assist in recovery if stolen.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked, even when at home.
  • Secure outdoor spaces like garages and sheds to prevent burglars from using your tools against you.
  • Use outdoor lighting as a deterrent and to increase visibility.
  • Avoid distraction burglaries by being wary of unexpected callers.
  • Prepare your home for safety before going on holiday.

Home Security:

It’s essential to secure your doors and windows effectively to deter burglars. You can fit your front door with an automatic rim latch lock (also known as a nightlatch), a five-lever mortice deadlock, and a letterbox cage to prevent thieves from tampering with locks through the letterbox. A door peephole allows you to check who’s outside before deciding whether to open the door. A door chain can help screen doorstep callers, but it should not be left on all day as it can hinder entry for family, carers, or emergency services.

For the back door, a five-lever mortice deadlock is recommended. Any windows that are easy to reach should be fitted with locks, with keys stored out of sight but easily accessible in case of an emergency. It’s crucial to check whether the locks fitted on doors and windows are approved by the Master Locksmith Association (MLA).

You can register your valuable possessions online for free on the Immobilise Property Register, which helps police identify owners of lost or stolen property. Local Neighbourhood Watch or the Safer Neighbourhood team at your local police station can assist with marking possessions.

How To Keep Your Bike Secure

  • Register your bike with a police-approved database like Bike Register
  • Use high-quality locks that are independently tested (e.g., Sold Secure approved)
  • Regularly change your bike’s parking location to avoid predictability
  • Secure your bike at home, ideally in a locked garage or shed
  • Buy second-hand bikes only from reputable sources and check their legitimacy

Register your bicycle for free with Bike Register, the UK’s only police-approved cycle database. This enables police to find your bike if it gets stolen. In addition, marking the frame of your bicycle with your postcode in two separate locations, one of which should be hidden, can further aid in identification and recovery.

When securing your bike, use a lock that is independently tested (such as Sold Secure approved), of the correct size, and difficult for thieves to access. It’s recommended to use two different types of locks, with at least one being a high-quality D-lock, to thwart thieves who may not have the tools to defeat both types of locks.

Always lock your bike to a sturdy and immovable object, such as a lamp-post or railings, and avoid objects that can be easily cut or removed. If your bike has quick-release wheels, it may be beneficial to remove the front wheel and lock it together with the frame and back wheel.

Car crime tips

  • Always lock your vehicle, even when leaving it for a brief moment.
  • Use a garage for parking if available, and ensure it’s locked.
  • Store vehicle keys and ignition fobs in secure, non-visible places.
  • Protect against keyless car theft by storing keys in a security pouch and keeping software updated.
  • Don’t leave valuable items visible inside your vehicle.
  • Park responsibly, preferably in Park Mark-approved car parks when away from home.
  • Secure your number plates with one-way security screws.
  • Utilise steering wheel or gear lever locks for added security.
  • Double-check the vehicle’s locked status through auditory and visual cues.
  • Install a vehicle tracker to monitor your vehicle’s activity and location.

Securing your vehicle: Make it a routine to secure your vehicle at all times, irrespective of the duration you plan to leave it unattended. A momentary lapse in attention can provide criminals with an opportunity to steal your vehicle or its contents. The security of your vehicle is further enhanced when you activate the automatic locking system, if available, which folds in the wing mirrors upon locking.

Garage storage: If you have access to a garage, it’s advised to utilise it for parking and safeguard it with a lock. In the case of garages with gates, ensure the gates are also locked. You might want to consider installing an alarm system for additional protection.

Safekeeping of keys: Be sure to keep your vehicle’s keys and ignition fobs in secure places that are not easily visible or accessible. In many cases, car theft occurs through the theft of keys or ignition fobs, whether left in the vehicle or taken during a home burglary.

Preventing relay theft: Vehicles with a smart or passive key are prone to keyless car theft, also known as ‘relay theft’. To combat this, store your keys (including any spares) in a secure pouch, also known as a ‘Faraday bag‘ or signal blocker, when not being used. Regular software updates from manufacturers can also strengthen your vehicle’s in-car security systems against such attacks.

Avoid displaying valuables: Don’t leave items that may attract thieves, such as mobile phones, electronic gadgets, coins, sunglasses, tools, clothes, and bags, on display in your vehicle. Secure these belongings in the boot or remove them entirely to avoid attracting potential thieves.

Cost of living payment 2024

Payment dates for low income benefits and tax credits Cost of Living Payment

£299 between 6 – 22 February 2024 for most people on Universal Credit, Income-based JSA & EA, Income support and Pension Credit.

£299 between 6 – 22 February 2024 for most people on tax credits & no other low income benefit.

If you’re getting both Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit, you will receive a Cost of Living Payment for Child Tax Credit only, which will be paid by HMRC.

Christmas Rubbish Collections

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Dog Poo Bags

Owing to rising costs and increased demands, the Parish Council has got through 70,000 dog poo bags in the last 3 months.  So unfortunately, this means we are unable to supply anymore free dog poo bags until the new financial year, which is April 2024. Sorry for any inconvenience.