Over 60’s Club – Reaside Community Centre

Over 60’s Club – Every Monday 11am – 2pm

If you would like to join the club and attend every week they offer a 3 course meal and you can join in with activities such as a raffle and bingo. Birmingham Centre of Arts Therapies (BCAT) will also attend an can guide you through a gentle exercise routine to massage hands and feet and to help with co-ordination etc.

The group have different activities on such as flower arranging and painting which are very popular.

Reaside Community Centre, Frankley

Weekly cost £5 per session



Do you run a group? or Looking to start a group?

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Screenshot 20220414 1318162

Respite Room Service – For woman at risk of sleeping rough due to domestic abuse

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Free Money Advice Services

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Developing Dementia Information

Have you, a family memeber or friend had experience of trying to find information, support and guidance (IAG about Dementia?


The People for Public Services Forum would like to invite you to its online meeting on:-

Thursday 7th April 2022 12 noon -1:30pm

We recognise thatthe time after a dementia diagnosis can ve difficult.  It is not always easy to find the information you need to help understand the diagnosis and what may happen in the future.

Birmingham City Council would liek to invite you to work with them to develop webpages which will focus on dementia IAG.  They want to hear about the good or bad experiences of navigating the councils website to find this information.

They also want to discuss:

  • What information is needed on the page?
  • What support services need to be linked to the page?
  • What the layout should look like?

Please come along and share your ideas on how these webpages can be built to better suit your needs

NewStarts – Money Mentoring Programme

NewStarts have just launched a fund raising campaign with Aviva to support their money mentoring programme, currently operating in New Frankley (and soon to be operating in Bromsgrove) supporting people in financial crisis, by coming along side them and helping them to action their finances, overcome their debts and make the most of the resource they have.

If you’d like to get involved, please do check out their page!


Shelter provides housing advice

A home is a human right, but for so many a safe home is out of reach.  Shelter is working to strengthen renters rights and change the broken housing system to help end the housing emergency.

What we can help with at Shelter Birmingham:

Advice on challenging homelessness descisions and unsuitable offers of accommodation.

Support to resolve disrepair in rented properties

Representation in court regarding possession of homes / evictions / ASBI





housing advice – Copy

Reaside Community Centre – Clubs & Classes

Reaside Community Centre Clubs & Classes – For More Details 07944537515

  • Tai Chi Group
  • Boogie Bounce Xtreme
  • Yoga Group
  • Junior Martial Arts
  • Stroke  Group
  • Adult Marital Arts
  • Knit & Natter
  • Judo Adults
  • Judo Juniors




Acorns Childrens Hospice

A big thank you to everyone who kindly made a donation over the last 12 months.

A grand total of £131.80 was collected through donations in our Acorns Childrens Hospice Charity box.